With Sixinch’s arrival into the African market, the revival of the luxury furniture industry is here.

Sixinch Africa Unveils its Latest Collection of Unique Luxury Furniture.

Sixinch Africa is proud to announce the launch of its Unique Luxury foam-based furniture line. Sixinch Africa has developed a foam-based furniture collection to provide customers with unparalleled comfort and quality as part of their innovative approach to creating stylish and comfortable luxury furniture. 

This new furniture line offers a wide selection of pieces for both residential and commercial settings, providing beautiful, durable, and customizable seating solutions which give customers more freedom in designing the perfect fit for their space. The furniture is made from a variety of high-quality foam materials, from memory foam to a denser upholstery foam. This ensures that customers get optimum comfort for both short and long-term use in a variety of settings. 

This Sixinch Unique luxury furniture line is sure to quickly become a popular choice for home and business owners alike. Each piece is designed to be a conversation starter and is sure to make any room feel inviting and stylish. With so much comfort and quality available at an affordable price, Sixinch Africa is quickly becoming the go-to option for luxury furniture shoppers. 

Whether it’s indoor or outdoor, nursery or living room, they have a visually captivating solution that will not only leave your guests in awe but, most importantly, be functional.

There’s no stitching, no staples, only seamless, captivating design work.

Their unique coating systems offer long-lasting durability but also unparalleled application.

They’ve developed various coatings for a diverse range of applications, and their commitment to quality means that no matter your needs, they will deliver:

  • Custom, made-to-order pieces that accommodate your tastes and practical needs.
  • Innovative designs and applications with the only limitation being your imagination.
  • Indoor and outdoor furniture usability
  • Unique patented coating system
  • Creative space design
  • Stunning craftsmanship

The Sixinch Furniture is DurableWater proofCustomizableSelf-sanitizing and Weather-resistant.

You cannot pass on quality, and with Sixinch, it’s not an option.

Order your custom-designed furniture now and stand out from the crowd. The collection is now available to purchase through Sixinch Africa’s website, as well as at selected partner outlets. If you’re interested in learning more about Sixinch Africa’s unique luxury foam-based furniture collection, please contact us today.

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