Sixinch Africa invites Africans to challenge the power of imagination as you explore furnishing and décor that reflects your personality. We ask you to think the unthinkable and we will bring it to life.

"We all have creativity in the 'space between our ears', a space 150mms wide or to put it more illustratively,
a good six inches.

We are a branch of SixinchBeligum serving businesses in the private and public sectors, event planners, interior designers, renovation and remodeling experts across Africa.

The SIXINCH story

Pieter Jamart studied furniture and interior design and was unable to find a foam coating supplier that met his needs for his graduation project in 2002. He started to experiment himself in his garage until he came up with the perfect composition. Michel Sels was a businessman with experience in visual merchandising who felt that there was a market for foam coating furniture. The two met and in 2003 they founded Sixinch. Sixinch’s mission is to give creativity a chance and a form.


Our founders come from an established over 40 years Nigerian foam manufacturing company who ensures customers sleep comfortably without compromising quality. We began producing all-foam children furniture cut into different shapes, but because of the limitations in fabric designs and  covering we were limited to basic designs. Our desire to overcome the simplicity limitation led us to partner with SixInch Belgium, a well established European foam coating company.


We are bringing new foam based technology to Nigeria that provides stylish, complex, and unique furniture reflective of our diverse African culture, personality, and unlimited creativity.

Thanks to the foam coating procedure we produce innovative concepts that have a dramatic impact and are functional. Our designs are water and weather proof, easy to clean, impact-resistant, ideal for professional and private interiors, perfect inside or outside, and can take any shape.
The applications of SIXINCH coated foam are endless. You think, we create!