These are some do’s to maintaining your furniture and keep them looking and feeling great.

1. If your furniture came with a care label, read it! This information is very important because it is specific to the piece you purchased. Your furniture may look brand new right now, but to keep it looking this way you need to become acquainted with proper care. If your furniture did not come with a label, you may follow any specific care instructions.

2. Do rotate cushions or furniture location. Furniture that stays in the same location will have a tendency to see more wear and tear on certain spots or cushions. If you’re able to, try rotating the cushions around periodically so that cushions not seeing as much wear will begin to get use. If you’re unable to move cushions around, then try positioning the furniture differently in the room. This may help for sitting on different areas of your furniture.

3. Do dust your furniture often. Believe it or not, dust can play havoc with furniture and finishes if left over time. Whether it’s a leather sofa or a wood sofa table it’s best to clean these pieces with a clean cloth or furniture polish as appropriate.

4. Do clean up spills immediately. Should you have a spill, leaving liquids on your furniture will ruin the finish, except if it’s a Sixinch Furniture which is water-proof. Be sure that if a spill does occur that you get to it as quickly as possible.

Stay tuned for more tips.

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