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Sixinch takes care of your design needs by producing customize-able Foam-based Luxury Furniture locally.

Sixinch’s mission is to give creativity a chance and a form. Sixinch Africa is the latest addition to the vibrant and ever-expanding Sixinch International brand with headquarters in Lagos, Nigeria.

Product Collections

Our unique luxury furniture product collections created by the finest designers in the world,  our products have been carefully crafted and used by famous brands globally

Why Sixinch?


We carve out unique inspiring custom-made luxury furniture to reflect your creativity and space. You decide your colour, design and specification or you can choose from our collections created by world renown designers.


Our luxury furniture are crafted from very high-quality Polyurethane foam to last a very long time. Foam materials are supplied by one of the finest foam manufacturers on the continent so as to ensure consistent quality of the Sixinch brand globally.

Weather Resistance

Our Luxury Furniture are coated with materials that ensure they are water proof and UV stable, therefore can be used both indoors and outdoors. Our Products are also very easy to clean and maintain unlike traditional furniture made out of fabric and leather.

Self Sanitizing

With our latest nano technology coating layer called the Viroflex, our luxury furniture are able to self sanitize themselves against all sorts of virus including the COVID-19 virus

Working With Us is Simple

Step #01 -

Schedule a Consultation

We will have a free consultation to understand your project needs

Step #02 -

Develop Your Project

We will work with you to meet your project specifications

Step #03 -

We Deliver Your Order:

We will manufacture and deliver your project to any choice of location within Africa.