Here are other ways to keep your furniture looking and feeling great following these dont’s:

1) Except if your furniture is a Sixinch Furniture (unique luxury furniture brand) which is weather-resistant; keep your furniture out of the sun. The temperature of the summer sun coming through a window can go above 140 degrees! It will cook your fine finishes, fading and destroying them over time and dry out and shrink the wood which will cause cracks.

2) Don’t place your furniture near heating units or vents. This type of dry heat will also cause the wood to dry and shrink, leaving you with cracks. I’d also recommend a humidifier in the drier months to bring the moisture up to the 40 – 45% level.

3) Don’t let shoes be on your furniture. Easier said than done. If guests come to your home, have an area where shoes can be placed. Kids can also be reminded to keep feet of the furniture or just make sure shoes are off. Scuff marks can happen on tables and ottomans with shoes rubbing on them over time.

4) Don’t let the kids jump on the beds. As much fun as jumping on a bed is, there are supports beneath the bed such as slats that could be problem prone if enough weight hits them in the same spot time and time again. Best to not take any chances.

Remember that your furniture is an important investment to your home. Caring for it is important as it will help improve the life of your furniture.

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