Furniture requires care to keep it looking its best. You should make it a habit of taking care of your furniture regularly because the beauty of furniture care is that it helps to protect your investment, as fine furniture is an important asset. Proper furniture cleaning and care will help maintain your furniture’s finish and ensure that it looks great year in, year out. There are many do’s and don’ts to maintaining your furniture. Keep your furniture looking and feeling great following these dont’s:

1.) Except if a furniture is waterproof like a Sixinch furniture, don’t place drinks on wooden furniture. This may seem an obvious thing to you but to house guests or visitors into your home this may not be immediately clear to them. Sweat from cold glasses or bottles can leave permanent rings and stains on real wood furniture. The best thing to do is purchase coasters and have them out when guests visit. This is also a good idea for everyday use by you as well. Using coasters will improve the life of your wooden furniture.

2.) Don’t place your quality leather furniture in direct sunlight. Many brands of leather furniture do not have protection over the surface of the leather. Over time direct sunlight can fade the color in the leather. If there isn’t a way to position the leather away from sunlight in the room, you may need to consider blinds or drapes over windows.

3.) Don’t let heavy furniture sit directly on wood floors. When at all possible, use felt bumpers under the legs of this furniture. If the furniture is bumped or moved on the floor without felt pads underneath, it could lead to scratching and marring of your beautiful wood floor. You can obtain what you need from most hardware or home stores.

Remember that your furniture is an important investment to your home. Caring for it is important as it will help improve the life of your furniture.

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