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We understand the thorough job you do as an interior designer or architect , choosing luxury furniture can be overwhelming, especially when you have a 15,000 square foot showroom right in front of you! You may feel the pressure of “Oh, I have to get it right!” because there are so many alternatives. We’ve seen a lot of Nigerian furniture buyers become stuck and question their decisions.

As a result, we’d like to offer some advice on how to select high-quality furniture that will help you create a lasting impression for your Client. And in return, build and strengthen their trust for your brand.

Image by sixinch

1. Think about your client’s way of life.

One of the most crucial factors to consider is how the piece will fit into their daily routine. Do they plan to use the furniture with their dogs or children? Will it take space in a public or private area of the house? When choosing a colour, material, size, or style, keep these questions in mind. Timeless styles are a wise choice since they adapt and evolve as the home changes.

2. Begin with high-quality materials.

The purchase of high-end furniture is a wise investment. You may want to consider foam coated furniture as they are unique and long lasting , your clients will love you.Durability, UV protection/waterproof, depth of finish, consistent upholstery tailoring, and self-sanitization ,  are just a few of the advantages. Imagine the  satisfaction your client will enjoy when using the foam coated luxury furniture offered by sixinch.

3. Purchase with Affection

With this in mind, you should think about incorporating inspiring things that your client enjoys like the style , colour , ambience , shape of the furniture and the experience that comes with it.

If they’re going to spend a lot of money on furniture, make sure it’s something they’ll enjoy looking at every day. They will never have any doubts or regrets about trusting you to purchase items that bring them joy. Choose items that will last a long time and bring them joy. In this instance, your client’s contentment is a top priority.

4. Keep your client’s comfort in mind.

So you’ve found something your client will like, and it’s created by a reputable company. Now what? Make sure it’s relaxing! Avoid the uncomfortable pieces, particularly the seats. The inherent advantage of foam coated luxury furniture is that it is made with quality foam technology, which is another reason why you should go for it. Finding comfy pieces can be easier than deciding which one to buy!

5. Always strive for excellence.

A high-quality item will never let you down. Fine , long-lasting  furniture is well worth the  investment. You wouldn’t want to put your reputation on the line, would you?

Your answer is as good as mine!

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