This right here gives you a sneak peak on how we started…

Enjoy the ride.

“In 3 days , dis one go ready,” Alfa said in vernacular.

Alfa is a very experienced tailor who we met after a very long rigorous search in the Mushin Area of Lagos.

We were in search of a tailor and Alfa was the tailor that delivered excellently , irrespective of his location. He wowed us!

Mushin is what I will describe as a  first class ghetto. 

Do you get the picture?

But then we found Alfa in Mushin. 

Earlier , we would test run by cutting foams into different sizes and putting them in different frames. We needed a good tailor for the stuffing.

Being a mattress brand , we saw the need to make very unique furniture to fill up the void for luxury lovers who could not find such furniture readily available in the African market especially Nigeria.

We came in to fill that void. We were glad that a vision of almost a decade old was unraveling before us.

We did pet beds ,leg rest (helps with blood flow) … etc

Today we are standing strong as the First and Only luxury furniture foam coating company in the whole of Africa.

3 Sets of Kiddies Chair
3 sets of kiddies chair

After a successful meeting with Alfa , we began production.

But, there was an issue!

Sales!!!! We had a hard time selling!

Then came the fantastic news one fateful day, we received a call from the showroom alerting us that three pieces of our furniture had been purchased! We were ecstatic!

This was our very first sale!

That was our very first sale!

True, we created magic with Alfa, but we faced a few challenges, one of which was that complex products, such as the cliffy design, could not be covered in fabric. And with fabric comes slacking dent and fold on furniture, which we did not want.

We desired more… You know how after you’ve dreamed about something and later see it materialize even more beautifully before your eyes, but you still feel like you can do more with it… you want it to stand out? You want to say “alas, perfecto!” (in Spanish…haha). That “aha!” moment!

Okay, I’m sure you get it now, that was our exact situation.

So we started looking into it, made some deep research,

We got a mentor while building a team alongside.

Yes, we couldn’t have overlooked this aspect. With where we are headed as Africa’s first and only Foam coated furniture manufacturer, the right guidance was needed. For it is our sole objective to provide you, our clients, with class, luxury, and a resplendent haven. We want you to have an entirely new experience, one with a distinct flavour and grandeur.

And this led us to foam cutting.

We began to set the stage. Finally, we reached out to Michel in 2021.

After a few months of communicating back and forth, we had an agreement. 

We got Sixinch Africa. We are going to be the first point of contact in Africa.

Sixinch is a Global company with subsidiaries scattered around the world of which we are the base for Africa.

In the photograph below from the left are Michel Sels , Hani Alquasem and Olisa Okafor CEOs of sixinch (Belgium, Middle East and Nigeria respectively).

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