The iot event which held from June 21st to 23rd welcomed industry leaders and technocrats in the power , water ,energy and technology sectors who came together to think , analyse and discuss pressing issues and the way forward.

It was an avenue for different companies both old and new to showcase their products at the exhibition stand.

Sixinch came in her full glory as both visitors and VIP members at the event couldn’t resist her furniture.  “This is strange , a beauty to behold ,” one of the visitors said.

For us at Sixinch , its been weeks of searching , researching , hardwork , thorough planning and execution.

We are glad that the efforts and the hard work we put in as a team paid in full.

The exhibition at the iot west africa was a huge success as we interacted with industry leaders and massively gained awareness for the Sixinch brand here in Africa.

See images below…

The events which held for 3 days was a very engaging and interactive one as different brands and companies interacted with one another.


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