Wonder Furniture designed by Karim Rashid for Sixinch…

This masterpiece tells a story of a flexible and innovative design just like the waves and turns on a River’s Course, the elements can be arranged sequentially to form a single seamless piece.

This  sofa, created by industrial designer Karim Rashid, was unveiled in Milan in May 2016.

“The ‘ring’ configuration embodies infinite fluidity and the ‘river’ configuration I liken to ever-undulating energy,”

Karim Rashid

This brings to light Sixinch Promise to you ,that there is no limit to design , customization or creativity.


The three different section designs of the River Must Flow provide casual seating in a variety of sectional and free-standing options.

Made of Polyurethane foam coated with FlexPlus™ coating – a multi-layer process that makes it resistant to weather, UV rays, color fading, and scratches.

The medium and firm density gives a comfortable seating. Nylon glides on an MDF coated base hold the frame ¾” off the surface. There are 30 different matte colors you c an choose from including metallic ones. Have any colour in mind? …Buzz us here

Flex plus
3 sections of river must flow

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