Rainer Mutsch

Rainer earned a degree in Industrial Design (Prof. Paolo Piva) from the University of Applied Arts Vienna after completing studies in Furniture Design at the Denmarks School of Design Copenhagen,  and Product Design at the University of Arts Berlin. 

After a number of years as a senior designer for Werner Aisslinger in Berlin, Rainer Mutsch opened his own design studio in Vienna in 2008 with a focus on product design.

With a strong commitment to producing design that serves a purpose, Rainer Mutsch is able to incorporate a playful element into his work . 

For Rainer Mutsch, living with his creations for a while is a crucial step in the design process because it enables him to explore how to maximize a design’s potential.

In partnership with Sixinch , he has designed the offshore , rock elements and cliffy collections.


Here Are Some of Rainer’s Designs for Sixinch

Rock Elementshttps://www.sixinchafrica.com/product/rocking-chair/

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