Imagine a beautiful interior

Do these 5 things if you want your home to look expensive…

  1. Perfect your Window Treatments: Use full length curtains or wooden/neutral window blinds. Full length curtains make your space feel custom and luxurious. Wooden or neutral blinds will do a great job if you prefer this option.

  1. Add Wall Treatments: Add some architectural look to your walls or use boldly patterned wallpaper. For the fear of having the wall stuck to your wall forever and have you feeling like this or even like this…    Use peel and stick wallpaper instead.

  1. Hang Oversized Wall Art:
Art is magical, Furniture by sixinch

Always go large scale art pieces rather than small ones. Apart from commanding attention, it gives a luxurious look.

  1. Keep things clean: Nothing beats a clean room or apartment, it is so refreshing…! If  you don’t like to see a drop of hair or a tiny stain in your hotel room, then how much more your personal space? While you get that furniture with thousands of dollars or even spend piles of money on expensive home renovations , get a plan to keep your space clean.
SONY DSC by Sixinch
  1. Get a foam  coated Furniture : Luxury foam coated furniture come in customizable shapes and sizes. They are not everywhere which adds to its unique features. They are weatherproof and durable. Turn your space to the eighth wonder of the world , get a sixinch furniture.
Rock Elements designed by Rainermutsch

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