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Founded in Belgium in 2003 by Pieter Jamart and Michel Sels, sixinch was born from a passion for innovative materials and progressive design. in 2013, peter and Michel partnered with Wieland designs, a well-respected company in the furniture industry, and expanded the footprint for one of the most talked about furniture brands in the world. the name sixinch comes from the space between our ears, a mere 150 mm wide, or six inches.

Our Mission

We build iconic environments that are distinctly original. our team of designers and engineers are detailed to a fault. we have the ability to not only “dream” but also “do”. every piece that bears the sixinch label is held to the highest standards in the furniture industry. 

Our Brand Promise

We offer our customers endless creativity, backed by generations of industry experience. we deliver through quality, creativity and flexibility. we’re here to help you create, entertain and enjoy work.


The design flexibility of sixinch coated foam is almost limitless, and that’s exactly why this technique is perfect for custom projects. there are no moulding or set up costs. we start from a large foam bun which is cnc cut into the desired shape. our flexplus™ coating is applied and the entire colour spectrum is at your disposal. when completed, your product is a flexible, weather-resistant, seamless design statement.  

Types of furniture

Sixinch produces varieties of furniture ranging from Guest chairs , ottomans , modular lounge , poufs, benches , wall panels to architectural accessories.


Have a pictorial view below:





Guest Chair


The S Lounge


The Bench


Architectural Piece

Other Designs and Products:



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